Limousine-ambulances, gold health cards, giant cotton buds and a poster campaign in the form of an ENT prescription addressed to twenty leaders are just some of the ways Médecins du Monde has been gearing up over several months for the G20 summit which this year takes place in France. This campaign has a clear aim: to make our voice heard so that universal health cover, and particularly free healthcare for the poorest, becomes their priority too. With two weeks to go before the opening of the G20 in Cannes, Médecins du Monde is offering those surfing the web the chance to view and share 3 videos that are deliberately satirical send-ups. By making them absurd, the intention is to raise questions about the risk that health could potentially become a luxury with people having increasingly to resort to a “D-Grade” healthcare system and do-it-yourself medication to get treatment.

G20! So that these films remain fiction, we demand healthcare cover for the poorest!

Health at the G20 Social protection floor and free health care for the poorest






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